Welcome to my online portfolio

I’m Kattis Olofsson - a freelance illustrator and artist creating beautiful paintings for you.


I'm the girl that moved from the big city to a cabin out in the wilderness - just so I could paint

I've always been down to earth with my feets on the ground and never spoken without thinking first. Seens I've been a little girl I've always been drawing my feelings if my words weren't enough.

Nowdays I can use my artistery to draw paintings for others or companys, like; invitations card, portrait, personal painting, children's book illustration, text image for pappers or websites.

I use diffrent ways when I'm painting. It depends what I want the painting to show, or how I want you to feel when you look at it.

Fineliner pen is closest to my heart. Spraypainting with spraycans have become my baby when it comes to painting. Digital art illustrations I'm drawing on my tablet.

I love to being able to vary my work and I'd love to help you! 


Copyright © 2020 Kattis Olofsson - All rights reserved

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